We could refer to a tribe as a group of people who seek to create a community, and in this way, improve coexistence with each other, being aware at the same time of the differences that may exist between each of the people that make it up.

Over time, and perhaps for some very early on, you realize the importance of sharing experiences, information, and sometimes just a laugh. That other people help us rethink our realities (and thus create triggers or innovative connections in our way of thinking) to open us up to new possible spaces of knowledge (internal and external), is something to feel truly grateful for.

This is the space we want to create with you.

At The Community we do not seek an absolute truth, we seek to talk, share, listen to each other, learn and understand each other better, and in this way, live our lives more fully and open to love. Creativity, art, music, science… life itself, lends us a hand to start this journey.

B PART of The Community and JOIN US
The place where you can create, think, participate and be yourself.

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– Private access to The Community Platform where you can enjoy all our online activities, access to exclusive content, the art blog, reading circle and private chat.
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Full Membership

– Presencial and online art program with full access to all the activities: workshop, art conferences, reading club, film projections, art class (Saturdays morning 2h), creative courses and much more.
– Priority attendance events until full capacity.
– 10% discount in the purchase of artworks
– Private space in The Community Platform with access to exclusive content for our community, activities calendar, cultural events newsletter and private chat.
We offer you the first week for free to try and enjoy our cultural program.
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You have a wish, you have art
You have a vision, you have art
You have stile, you have art
You have values, you have art
Art is a reflexion, show who you are
You have emotions, you have art