Buy Art
from a living artist.
The dead ones
don’t need the money

Our mission is to bring together unique artists from across the world to create. We provide an Art Residency, Art Program and a Blank Space for these artists to engage with cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary creative processes, building with them the new artists career. 

Also, through this space, we want to promote the cultural movement of the island, offering a different space, programming and events that enrich the island.

Your donations make possible ESBLANK program and your support brings ur mission to life. 

We appreciate your generosity and your commitment to our program.


For Artist

[ ] Hosting the artist: offering the resident a room/living space for a month, the entire residency or for as long as is decided/needed.
[ ] Acquiring an artwork by the artist that is yet to be made during the residency. This will help the artists with their expenses and the cost of living in Mallorca during the program/residency. In this case, the artwork would be sold at 70% of the actual market value.


Making a donation of 250€ or more will award the sponsor a 20% discount on an artwork of their choice and our Esblank community programs/events.


Offers to be part of the community ESBLANK, including all the invitations to the public events and participate in two Art Conference, Art Seminaries.
Donation from 50€


Invitation to the Preview (pre-opening) to the exhibitions
Invitation to all the events: art conferences, studio visits, and more.
20% discount in the purchase of artworks
Artwork Gift at the end of the year.
Monthly recurring donation: from 250€